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The Unusual Details of Custom T Shirt Quilts.

You may observe that you’ve been stockpiling t-shirts over the years but are reluctant to drop them off at Goodwill. They serve as reminders of college, sporting events, concerts, and many other memories. Don’t toss them or leave them in a box in storage. Go online to find a quilting company like MemoryStitch and have them create a custom t shirt quilt to share with others, decorate your bed or your wall. Well-designed shirts are made of high-quality, soft cotton. What could be better to make a comfortable blanket? Sort them by colors or themes and send them to the quilting company of your choice to assemble.

You will place your order online and follow their instructions. You will be asked if you want a double-sided quilt or a backing, whether you want borders, or if you have a particular quilting pattern in mind. They will have pictures to help you envision your idea before they get started.What’s very nice about your shirts is they are in various designs and styles to make a unique look. You are going to be amazed at how simple it is to order custom t shirt quilts in no time flat. Until that moment, you had no idea that they could continue to provide you with warmth and protection as well as a personalized keepsake to have forever.

Start thinking about color placement, the size of the quilt you need, and whether it will be a wall hanging or a blanket for your bed. You may want to give it as a gift. You can match your color scheme to your room or home. Maybe you’d like some matching pillows.One of the main aspects in deciding which sort of quilting company to use how long they have been in business, the expertise of the quilters and whether they offer a consultation to thoroughly go over your project and expectations to provide an estimate of the cost.Once you have the answers to those questions, you are ready to commit and send in your shirts. Custom t-shirt quilts aren’t a new concept, they have been around for a while and are part of the original quilting concept, repurposing old scraps of material.

Your quilt will be machine quilted for an exceptional look and durability. It will be easy to care for by gently machine washing and laying or hanging to dry. If it needs to be restored due to damage, you can contact the company for help. Customized quilts are too unique to be refundable or returnable.There are several ways to create customized T-shirt quilts. If you have the time and equipment, you can make it yourself. Go online to find free patterns and get design ideas. You can still contact a quilting company for fabrics and tools that can be delivered to your door. You can read articles with tips on how to construct your quilt correctly from laying out the pattern to operating your sewing machine.